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Many of the stories in this collection take place at or near Christmas time. There are stories of new births, of rebirths, of new beginnings, and there are a couple that deal with the joys and sorrows of the annual Nativity Play.

Again this year it was difficult to make the final choice. There are so many skilled writers out there. There was little wrong with any of the writing we read but in the end we went for the strongest stories and for those tales that best interpreted the theme.

There are some familiar authors in this volume and also some new writers. We treasure them all.


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'I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories which range from traditional to dark, from comedic to heartfelt and everything in between. Don't let the title put you off - these are not traditional nativity stories - far from it! They are stories with a nod to the nativity some more solid connections than others but at the heart of this collection is life and life in abundance.There really is something for everyone, I particularly enjoyed Drawn by the Sea by Jeanne Davies and New Shoes for Christmas by Nicole Fitton. A great collection of shorts that will not disappoint.'


'The stories are so varied, dramatic, melancholic, dark and comedic, there is a story to suit everyone.
My particular favourites were Emmanuel by Steve Wade and Entranced by Margaret Bulleyment, both very different yet heartwarming and enjoyable to read. '


'This collection of nineteen separate short stories centers around the themes of birth and rebirth and the idea of new beginnings. It is not specifically a group of Christmas stories, although Christmas is a key feature of several of the entertaining and evocative tales.'  



Sally Angell,Jim Bates, Margaret Bulleyment, Finn Clarke, Elizabeth Cox, Jeanne Davies, Alyson Faye, Nicole Fitton, Linda Flynn, I L Green, Vanessa Horn, Janet Howson, Doug King, Dawn Knox, Joy Mawby, Maeve Murphy, Aqsa Mustafa, Adrian Naylor, Paula R C Readman, L F Roth, Nicolas Siregar, Dianne Stadhams, Allison Symes, Steve Wade   
ISBN: 9781907335761




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