Monday, December 19, 2022

Santa's Supersonic Sleigh


Ride along with Santa and Rudolph, as they adapt their sleigh with gadgets to take them around the world. Learn about some of the countries on the way.

This beautifully illustrated book is full of fun and humour, when Santa tries to deliver all the presents on time.

A percentage of the royalties from Santa's Supersonic Sleigh will be donated to Whizz-Kidz - the UK's leading charity for young wheelchair users.


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A brilliant children’s book for Christmas. It tells the magical story of Father Christmas and Rudolph as they visit several different countries on Christmas Eve to deliver presents. On their journey the book has lovely illustrations of their journey using different modes of transport. It is a fun Christmas story! 
My grandchildren love it!Take an exciting trip around the globe with Rudolph and Santa. There are gadgets galore in this beautiful, highly humorous book. A warm-hearted story for all ages. Truly supersonic. I loved it!
Santa’s Supersonic Sleigh takes children on a magical Christmas Eve journey around the world. As well as being funny it is also educational with information about some of the countries visited by Santa and Rudolph on their action-packed journey. I loved the superb colourful illustrations which help take younger children through the story. 

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