Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Future Brokers


Nothing can prepare you for a future where spies, governments and Artificial Intelligence vie for power and drive a love story like no other in The Future Brokers 

It’s 2050 and George Williams considers himself a lucky man. It’s a year since he—like millions of others—was forced out of his job by Artificial Intelligence. And a year since his near-fatal accident. But now, George’s prospects are on the way up. With a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm and his sight restored, he’s head-hunted to join a secret Government department—George cannot believe his luck. He is right not to believe it. George’s attraction to his beautiful boss, Serena, falters when he discovers her role in his sudden good fortune, and her intention to exploit the newly-acquired abilities he’d feared were the start of a mental breakdown. 
But, it turns out both George and Serena are being twitched by a greater puppet master and ultimately, they must decide whose side they’re on—those who want to combat Climate-Armageddon or the powerful leaders of the human race.


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I really enjoyed this book, it kept me turning the pages and was gripping to the end, with plot twists and multiple character viewpoint. Certainly had a chilling sense of ‘this could actually happen’ about the world we inhabit which was very thought provoking. More please. 


Payn and Knox have written an innovative collaboration which intricately weaves characterisation and a realistic future together. Especially impressive for me was the visualisation of future technology. Clever stuff.
This novel's a fast-moving adventure and is definitely worth a read by those who love thought-provoking fiction.


I loved this book. It mixed the serious subject of climate change and what we are doing to ruin our planet, with the human interest of a growing love between the two main characters, Serena and George. A page turner, a 'must' read.

ISBN:  9798723077676

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