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Our theme for 2015 is snowflakes. Stories that contain snowflakes and that are like snowflakes. Unique and perfectly formed. As they melt into the psyche they bring a life-sustaining force. Snow can be beautiful and it can be treacherous. It can swing from one extreme to another in seconds. It is an important part of the nature cycle. Here you will find that our writers have risen to the challenge.

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A very good read. As with all anthologies everybody will have their favourites. I think two of the stories deserve a special mention as stand-out fabulous for me. 'Eight Hours Going Nowhere' by Sarah Evans was so simple yet brilliant in its execution. A story that will stay with me for a long time. As will the beautifully written 'Undertow' by Clare Weze - a stunning story about a young boy falling in love with an unwittingly bewitching traveler who passed through his small California town. I look forward to reading more from these wonderful writers.  
Great collection of fresh, innovative and moving stories. Best read near a roaring fire, as some of the stories are chilling indeed. Highly recommended  
Excellent stories from a range of talented authors. Really enjoyed the story by Tracey Holland, brought back many memories of my own childhood.   
Sally Angell, Christopher Bowles, Paul Bradley, Margaret Bulleyment, Derek Corbett, Jeanne Davies,
Linda Edmondson, Sarah Evans, Jo Fino, L.G. Flannigan, Linda Flynn, Shirley Hammond, T. D. Holland, David Hook, Vanessa Horn, Roger A. Price, Paula R. C. Readman, L F Roth, Glynis Scrivens, Dianne Stadhams, Mike Scott Thomson, The Viking, Steve Wade, Clare Weze.  
ISBN: 9781907335402  

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