Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Christmas at the Cross


Christmas is not a joyous occasion for everyone. Not at the Cross. Yet hope and humour remain.

Blaithnaid’s relationship with Kieran is not good. She has allies in Nadina the prostitute who soothes her with potatoes and Yoichi a Japanese neighbour who offers tea but only a little sympathy. David a neighbour supplies something approaching a festive Christmas with plum pudding and White Christmas. There is snow, there are Christmas lights and there are friends meeting for drinks. There is violence, there are threats and there is heartache. How will Blaithnaid find her way through all of this?

Christmas at the Cross – a Kings Cross story – is a novella in five parts from Bridge House Publishing. Maeve Murphy creates a compelling text, an authentic voice and a real sense of place.


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“This is a story about women who have had enough. If you have had enough too, this is for you. But regardless, you will be astonished by Maeve's riveting tale.”

Jim Sheridan, screenwriter and director of My Left Foot
I found the story telling a page turner. Very interesting description of the life and mutual support of women in Kings Cross during hard times. It will be my Christmas present this year. 

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