Friday, September 24, 2021

Mysterious Ways


A collection of eccentric and quirky tales.   

Atheism is more of a fad for Mimsie rather than part of a belief system.  Is Emily Mayhew’s real motivation about buying a house or are her wants and needs a little more complex to say the least? Home under the hammer take on a new twist as people come to delight in the perhaps gruesome  fate of  the former residents of the properties on offer.

Mysterious Ways is a single author collection from Bridge House Publishing. Jeff Laurent s is an enthralling story-teller who invites us to look again at what we thought was normal.    

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Saturday, September 18, 2021



A collection of character based stories with a strong element of stream-of-consciousness style in some of them.   

This book contains about twenty-four unthemed short stories. The narratives are picturesque, evocative, and entertaining. They will take the readers on a journey laced with slightly amoral leanings to the serious and in-depth observations of the human condition. With both tragic and comic endings, vices and virtues, entwined into the hearts of the stories, are all about ordinary people with mundane aspirations, broken dreams, and success.


Gatherings is a single author collection from Bridge House Publishing. Mehreen Ahmed has a well-established voice and is an experienced literary writer. 


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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Between the Lines Pam Line


After an eventful life with four husbands, consecutively, and many tears in Spain and France, Pam has returned to her Yorkshire roots where she lives with Blossom the dog. 

Here the author give us glimpses into a life that starts with a idyllic childhood, puts her in touch with prestigious figures and less comfortable homes. There are sadnesses and triumphs.  A life lived to the full emerges through a gentle but forthright prose. Does this present a story of survival? Are we given hope?


            Between the Lines, a Chapletown Little Square Flash Collection

                                            Pam Lines takes us on a roller-coaster life adventure.

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ISBN: 9781910542682

The City of Stories

    Donna and Jim struggle with an unspeakable act. Millicent encounters something that will change her forever, and Marie dreams of being ...