Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Sound of Patriarchy and other stories by L.F. Roth


A collection of stories that runs the gamut from serious to comic. Relationships, and reactions to traumatic experiences or change, all come under scrutiny. Life-changing events play out against a counterpoint of minutely observed details.

Though you won't meet any bears in this volume, you will come across the real Dylan, delve into a literary feud, partake in preparations for a funeral rehearsal, share a musician's musings, find out the importance of gender-neutral watches and, perhaps, learn to stay clear of tigers, at least in the form of tattoos.

L.F. Roth brings us thought-provoking stories in The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories.


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 . All and all, I found this collection interesting to read. I’d say that many of the stories were serpentine in nature. They had a strong start and wound their way to their conclusion. . I’m giving this collection a four-star rating on the strength of the author’s writing. He’s quite creative.

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