Monday, July 5, 2021

The Best of CafeLit 5


Each story in this little volume is the right length and quality for enjoying as you sip the assigned drink in your favourite Creative Café. You need never feel alone again in a café. So what's the mood today? Espresso? Earl Grey tea? Hot chocolate with marshmallows? You'll find most drinks in our drinks index.

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I really enjoyed this collection of flash fiction and short stories and was sorry when I finished it. I may read it again! Each story was different - some quirky, some sad, some funny. I recommend this book, especially to those who have little time to read - it's true you can read one of the stories over your morning coffee or afternoon tea.  
Mary Bevan, Janet Bunce, Alan Cadman, Neil Campbell, Sue Cross,David Deanshaw, Susan A Eames, Linda Flynn, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Vanessa Horn, Gill James, Vicky Jacobson, Dawn Knox, Helen Laycock, B. Lieve, Roger Noons, Mike Olley, Jenny Palmer, Eleanor Patrick, James Phillips, Paula R C Readman, Penny Rogers, Tania Sharman, Allison Symes, Laura van Weegen, Paul Westgate.
ISBN: 9781910542040

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