Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Most Amazing Zoo


What happens when the Queen visits Zedgate Zoo? Well she meets a lot of amazing animals and finds out a lot of amazing facts about them.

This delightful story is told through a series of colourful and entertaining pictures and a lively text. There is plenty of extra story in the pictures for the child who has the book read to them, and the text is of an appropriate language level for the emergent reader.

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'This is a beautifully presented book and the story is both fun and packed with facts. The illustrations are amazing, the animals' characters shine through and there's lots of fine detail and humour.'
'This is a beautiful book...wonderfully written and illustrated. Both the writer and Illustrator manage to capture children's imagination brilliantly!
Our Grandkids love it!'
'Thoroughly recommend this fantastic and fun book. Younger children will journey around the zoo with the Queen, as many animals and fun facts are introduced and there are a host of things to spot and talk about in each picture. It is also a great for a reading child who loves animals and a comical bedtime story. '  
ISBN: 9781910542484

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