About the Bridgetown Café Bookshop

 This is the one-stop  bookshop for books published by Bridge House Publishing, CafeLit, Chapeltown Books, The Red Telephone and for other books written by the authors we publish.  


Our four imprints use print on demand and we are proud of this: 

  • it is good for the environment - only books that have a home are printed, so there is no waste of paper or ink 
  • it is good for our books - they don't languish in warehouses
  • it is good for us financially - we only pay for books we've already sold 
  • it is good for our authors - there is no financial pressure - we can keep a book in print if the author wishes and we'll take on another book if we like their writing     
        However, it does mean that delivery may take a day or two longer. 

       Each book will show different options for buying. If you order from us we can sometimes offer quicker delivery than the retailers, unless the retailer is holding a small stock. We offer free delivery on orders for five or more books.

      Some authors also offer signed copies. Your business is then with them directly. Sometimes we supply a PayPal button for this. Sometimes we just provide a link.      

    Most prices are in pound sterling.  A few overseas authors may advertise signed copies ion their local currency.  PayPal will convert to your currency. 

    How to find a book? You should be able to look in the labels for author, title, ISBN or genre. Alternatively you can search the site.          


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