Friday, July 29, 2022

I Knew It in the bath by Linda Flynn


The bathtub is the place where dreams and possibilities flow as easily as the tap water – if only they would go to plan.

I Knew it in the Bath is a collection of absorbing short stories which show that no matter how we expect events to unfold, life has a way of confounding us. What will a woman do to save her friend? Do we really know when we’re being watched? Why did Dora throw the iron through the window? What’s the best way to take revenge on a cheating partner?

Settle back for an engaging read through these humorous, sinister and thought-provoking stories, but try not to drop your book in the bath!

Linda Flynn, a frequent contributor to our annual themed anthologies , gives us food for thought in the stories collected in I Knew in in the Bath.

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Angels and Devils by William Wilson


Cautionary tales of ordinary mortals doing extraordinary things.

From moral dilemmas to a Nativity miracle, the author takes us on a deeply thoughtful journey through eleven tales of the unexpected. Are the protagonists angels or devils, or even a bit of both? Would you help a friend to die? Would you tell your family if you inherited a fortune? Would you shelter a criminal from the law? We know these people and see their choices. What would we do in their place?

William Wilson makes us reflect in this collection of stories that take us by surprise.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

The Best of CafeLit 11


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Contributors: Michelle Adams, Riham Adly, Swati Moheet Agrawal, Elaine Barnard, Maura Barrett, Jim Bates, Ann Bright, Billie Pritchett,Lynn Clement,  Laura Cody,  Mary Daurio, Dawn DeBraal, Tony Domaille, Glen Donaldson, Alyson Faye, Anne Goodwin, Ken Goldman, Clive Gresswell, Franci Hepburn, Sarah Hills, Lesley James, Amanda Jones, Nazia Kamali, Helen Kreeger, Yvonne Lang, Erin McDougall, Amy B. Moreno, Sandra Nguyen, Sharon Overend, Wendy Pike, Emma Robertson, Allison Symes,Ann Christine Tabaka, Rob Waites, Jamie Wallace, June Webber, P. A. Westgate,Kevin Wood, Nick Young and S. Nadja Zajdman


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Script Challenge


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Monday, July 18, 2022

Where Wild Birds Shriek by Christian Lea



Harry Burden is classically handsome, wildly eccentric and fiercely intelligent – but he is also the single biggest nitwit Charlie Bloom has ever met. And living together in moneyed London has caused Charlie to grow quite neurotic.

So when Charlie is invited away for the weekend, he considers his options: Sit around insufflating hairspray with Harry, or get away for three days of peace and relaxation. Well, it’s no choice at all really.

But when Charlie arrives in The Lake District, he quickly discovers that peace and relaxation are not what’s in store for him.

Where Wild Birds Shriek is equal parts comedy, drama and madcap farce, featuring sword fights, car crashes, blackbirds, antique duelling pistols, several near-death experiences and a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.


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I Knew It in the bath by Linda Flynn

  The bathtub is the place where dreams and possibilities flow as easily as the tap water – if only they would go to plan. I Knew it in the...