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Somewhere between working twelve hour shifts at a tax firm and cramming for exams, these stories and poems tumbled onto torn sheets and paper napkins. Potpourri is an attempt at preventing the literary world slipping away and regaining a sliver of that bookish world.

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'Another excellent collection of stories from independent publisher Chapeltown Books, who are giving authors of quirky fiction a voice. This collection by Anusha VR will make your blood run cold, touch you at some wonderfully appropriate endings (am loathe to say more - no spoilers here!), and entertain you. I read the book in one sitting on a train journey and was gripped by each story. Well done, Anusha! She also gives some evocative descriptions despite a limited word count, flash fiction being what it is, and opens eyes to other worlds and viewpoints. A great achievement and I hope Anusha will be producing a follow-up book in due course.'
A collection of flash, poetry and short stories that take you around the globe, and in which we encounter an eclectic mix of characters, including tigers, fairies, a crocodile, and a strange librarian. The stories have a great sense of place and are loaded with evocative description. Many have dark themes, and are imbued with yearning and unfulfilled lives, where money matters more than happiness. There's a fascinating mix of cultures, and a few interesting 'state of the nation' stories that I particularly enjoyed. 
 Travel around the world with this collection of short fiction. Meet characters and situations which will surprise and at times alarm. Quite a read!   
ISBN: 9781910542217 

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