Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Basilwade Chronicles


The Basilwade stories were originally published on the CaféLit website, where you can access short stories that go nicely with a cuppa. We even suggest a drink! Dawn Knox’s stories contain characters and situations that may seem a little larger than life at first glance but we can soon see that everyone involved is very human. And don’t we all recognise the quirkiness of village/small-town life?

Come speed dating with clueless Derek, join knit and natter for unwanted beauty tips and marvel at Ichabod Bunch’s messages from beyond the grave.

Basilwade. Where else would you find so many zany characters to delight and surprise?


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'Great to see an author with an innate eye for humour in the daily lives most of us lead. OK, so it is exaggerated to bring it out, but if you belong to a club, go to a wedding, ever been speed dating, you will recognise the characters, the dilemmas, the laugh out loud situations in this book.
What I particularly enjoyed was the character links between each story, the flow that means each fresh chapter was about someone you had met previously and, very gradualy, the whole community was revealed in all its hillarious normality.
Following the more serious 'The Great War, 100 stories in 100 words, and the speculative, 'Extraordinary', this book represents a breadth of writing imagination that is rare in one writer, Well done Dawn Knox.'
'Love this book! The characters and their escapades are so funny. Bought this during lock down but only recently got round to reading it and wished I had read it earlier. Didn't last long though as book was so good only took me a couple of days to read it all!'
I've just finished reading this book and I found that once I'd started I couldn't put it down.
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of different subjects that Dawn can write about whether it be romance, science fiction, history or anything else.
This book had me laughing with every page I turned and I was quite disappointed when I had finished it. I hope there will be a Basilwade part two.
I look forward to Dawn's next book whatever subject she writes about.
ISBN:  9781910542477

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